Getting Started
    With Raz-Kids

Raz-Kids has been going through some changes that have made it easier to use. If you are not familiar with Raz-Kids, or need a refresher in how to get started, the videos below will help you  create your class roster for the year in a fairly simple way. Hopefully, this order will make it more logical for you.

Note: a key idea to remember is to check to see if a student has had Raz-Kids before. If he or she has, please transfer the student rather than create a new account. This way you get all the previous information for the student. 

 Here is an order that works easily. There is a video for each step and I hope that this will help you get your Raz-Kids class organized.  Click on the title of the video for the actual video.
If you have any questions, please contact me. Gene Kulbago, gkulbago@nfschools.net
These videos make take a few seconds to download, depending on your network connection.



Delete all of the last year’s students so you have a clean (empty roster). There are several ways. This is an easy one.

Getting Ready Getting Ready


Transfer students who have previously had Raz-Kids
 into your class.

Transferring Students 
Transferring Students


Create accounts for new students who have not had Raz-Kids before.

Adding New Students
New STudents


Review the Resources on Raz-Kids

Review the Resources