Niagara Street School
Niagara Street School
2513 Niagara Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Office ~ (716) 278-5860 Clinic ~ (716) 278-5863

Mr. Rocco Merino, Principal

Mrs. Diane Bianco, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Kathy Urban, Dean

Mr. Mike Corsaro, Teacher on Special Assignment


Building dreams, minds and futures!
What better place to accomplish this task than in our beautiful elementary school. At Niagara Street we care about providing the best education for your children. The school is designed to provide a state of the art academic and community wing. The exterior is striking with its primary colors precast panels and glass “curtain walls.”  The structure is energy efficient and functions separately in function and operation as a community center and academic wing. Our single story community wing houses a pool, auditorium, outdoor stage, a cafeteria and family resource center. The academic wing is a three-story structure that includes administrative offices and conference room, a media center, an art room, a technology lab and 32 classrooms. The entire school capitalizes on the beautiful natural light captured by the vast windows. Each learning space is equipped with advanced technology, which includes interactive Smartboards, computer stations, amplification systems, LCD TV’s and closed circuit broadcasting.
Why build such a wonderful facility? Of course the answer is to impact the educational experience of each of our students. Niagara Street School is a school that has demonstrated significant improvement in all academic areas on New York State and local assessments. Our Niagara’s Choice program for literacy and math utilizes the workshop model, which continues to be a success. The dedicated staff at NSS also focuses on the social and emotional growth of our children for they continue to implement a school – wide program for character development. Furthermore, due to receiving an 84% support vote regarding school uniforms, NSS students will be proudly wearing their blue or gold polo shirt uniforms at various events during the school year.
Please continue to follow our web site throughout the school year as we continue to “build dreams, minds and futures.”Our pages will illustrate an engaged student body learning through the best practices in education, enhanced by technology taught by a dedicated and caring staff. Help us to celebrate our students’ successes as they open their minds to new possibilities that will enhance their futures and accomplish their dreams!