Cynthia Bianco
Cynthia A. Bianco

Superintendent of Schools



Message From The Superintendent


Preparing our youth to succeed is the responsibility of the whole community. Setting academic standards, providing quality instruction and support is the job of the educators and administrators of this District. Our youth today need to be encouraged, to be challenged, and to have adults in their lives who do them the favor of expecting the very best they are capable of achieving.


We work hard in our District to give all students as much opportunity as we can, whether through booster clubs or academic enrichment courses, by providing breakfast to elementary students or laptops to high school students, by providing the chance to learn from the community through the Adopt A School program or from dedicated teachers, counselors, and coaches. Whatever we hope to achieve in our District and in our community, it has to start with a commitment to our youth. We have to care.


The Niagara Falls City School District is the academic home of almost 8,000 students. It is my hope that each one finds here exactly what he or she needs to flourish. It is my expectation that each member of staff feels personally responsible for the success of the children in their care.
That is the meaning of Learning For All … Whatever It Takes.
Last Modified on August 19, 2014