Building a successful Teacher Webpage 

    Building a successful teacher website can be a time-consuming, frustrating thing if you jump right in and just start. But, with a bit of planning and some guidance, it can actually be relatively easy to create and maintain a useful website. There are three basic questions that need to be addressed before you start your website:


    1. What will I put on my site?
    2. What style should I use to make it look professional?
    3. How do I put it there? 

    The answer to the first two questions, "What do I put on my website?" and "What style should I use to make it look professional?" can be answered in the document below. We suggest you open the .pdf and read through the information it gives as to suggestions for what to put on your site and how you can even set the site up so it looks good and is easy to view.


    Download the NFCSD Teacher Website Guideline



    Now that you have some ideas of what you would like to post on your site, you can begin creating your teacher webpage. Please download, and even print, this quick basic guide.

    Teacher webpages

    Here are some videos based on the document above that will get you started.

    If you find the videos are too small on your computer, simply mouse over the video to get the "tools" at the bottom.

    Click on the square indicated in the picture below, and the video should appear full screen.

    Use the escape (ESC) key to return to the regular screen.


    Transferring files from NY Learns to BB