• Mentoring Requirement for Certification

    Holders of the Initial and Conditional Initial Teaching Certificates must receive mentoring in their first year of teaching or school leadership in a public school district.

    The purpose of the mentoring requirement is to provide a new teacher with support in order to gain skillfulness and more easily make the transition to one's first professional teaching experience.

    Satisfaction of a mentored experience is one of the requirements individuals must satisfy in order to qualify for the second-level, or Professional Certificate.

    Successful participation in the NFCSD Mentor Program or thirty hours with a Building Level Mentor does meet this requirement for Certification.

    Although we maintain these records and place documentation on your TRC Transcript, it is the individual's responsibility to submit a Mentoring Verification Form signed by our Superintendent to NYSED. Please call Kathleen Urban, Mentor Program Coordinator at (716)278-5820 Ext. 27172 to request your Mentoring Verification Form.