Learning For All … Whatever It Takes




The vision of the Niagara Falls City School District is to be a world-class quality educational organization.




The mission of the Niagara Falls Board of Education is to guarantee educational excellence by creating strategic goals which we will monitor, analyze, assess and evaluate utilizing the quality process and ensuring customer satisfaction.




1.    To exceed and continuously improve learner outcomes against academic standards


2.    To achieve the highest level of employee cooperation, trust, and empowerment


3.    To effectively control financial costs while maintaining quality education


4.    To achieve the highest level of partnerships with our community






Learning For All … Whatever It Takes



A.        We believe that all people have unique skills and talents


B.         We believe every person can learn


C.        We believe the rate at which people acquire skills varies


D.        We believe people must be given unlimited opportunity to progress


E.         We believe in the inherent dignity, goodness, and worth of each individual in the learning community


F.         We believe our strength is in our diversity, which is honored, addressed, and

            incorporated in all we do


G.        We believe the quality of life for the community of Niagara Falls will be enhanced through learning


H.        We believe learning is a life-long process


I.          We believe the central part of the learning process is a trusting relationship among everyone in the community


J.          We believe every member of the community can learn from each other


K.        We believe learning must be useful and relevant


L.         We believe it is the role of the community to provide the necessary resources to learn


M.        We believe learning requires a safe, supportive, and orderly environment


N.        We believe the learner is ultimately responsible for his/her own learning


O.        We believe personal wellness promotes learning



Non-Negotiables for Selecting an Effective Program


The Program:


1.       Aligns with NYS Standards


2.       Uses a problem-solving, inquiry-based approach based on best



3.       Balances the presentation of content with presentation of concepts


4.       Provides materials for a multi-sensory approach to teaching           (equipment) and integrates their use into most lessons


5.       Integrates Math and literacy skills with Social Studies and           Science where possible


6.       Makes use of technology/provides recommended software


7.       Provides for cooperative work


8.       Provides record-keeping and assessment tools for the teacher


9.       Speaking and Listening Skills are integrated into suggested lesson

          design and require students to

·         Pose questions

·         Find multiple solutions to problems

·         Communicate their reasoning verbally and in writing

·         Construct arguments and justify solutions

·         Model real-world problems using data





Criteria for Curriculum/ Program Adoption Process:


§         The program’s learning goals are challenging, clear, and appropriate for the intended student population


§         The program’s content is aligned with its learning goals, and is accurate and appropriate for the intended student population


§         The program’s instructional design is appropriate, engaging, and motivating for the intended student population


§         The program’s system of assessment is appropriate and designed to inform student learning and guide teachers’ instructional decisions


§         The program can be successfully implemented, adopted, or adapted in multiple education settings


§         The program’s learning goals reflect the vision promoted in national standards in science education


§         The program addresses important individual and societal needs


§         The program makes a measurable difference in student learning