Webinars The Sunday Night Webinar
    January and February 2017

     Important Note:
    If you plan to "attend " the webinar on a smart device like a pad or a phone, please download and use the GoToWebinar app, not the GoToMeeting app. The GoToMeeting app may not count you as present for TRC credit.This does not apply to computers. They are fine.
    Chromebooks, however, will not work with webinars yet.

     For Smart Devices
    use the GoToWebinar app.
     The Board has eliminated the 6 hour Professional Development requirement for the next year. If you have questions, please let us know.
    Join Roger and Gene each Sunday night from 8 p.m. until 9 p.m. for an hour of tech talk.  Each week we will discuss some of the tech software and tools you have available in your classroom. We will answer questions and discuss other tools and resources which work with board initiatives as well.
    We will have some really great ideas and resources for you.

    Please Note Carefully!

    Unfortunately, a few people have not been using the webinars properly, and because of this we have been asked to institute the following procedures.  For those who do webinars properly, there should be no problems, and if you have questions please contact us.
    1. If your computer or device is not directly opened to the Webinar only and the browser set at full screen, the webinar records you as "not attentive" and the TRC may withhold credit.  
    2. Each week we will have several questions, called poll questions, during the Webinar. You will be asked to respond to the poll questions. The answers are recorded in our report. If you fail to respond to the poll questions, we have been instructed to tell you that you can not receive credit for that Webinar. 
    3. Each week you will receive a "Thank you for attending the webinar" email one hour after the end of the webinar. It contains a link to a survey with several questions about the webinar. You must complete the survey within 3 days of the webinar to receive credit.
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    The Sunday Night Webinar
    January and February

    Please Note: Instructions for PDP Premier Registration will be given before each Webinar.
    The Teacher Resource Center has requested that you wait for these instructions.


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    Optional Second Hour

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    Major Topic 
    Each week we will discuss some technology provided as school initiatives. We'll also have some links to resources that you can use with these programs. 
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    Optional Extra Credit Assignment - Complete and return to Gene or Roger by Friday following Webinar.
    If you are not familiar with the second hour, please take a few minutes to watch this video which will explain how you can obtain a second, independent, hour of credit for this webinar. It is optional. You are not required to do the second hour.
    Use the appropriate document below for reporting your second hour
    Webinar Extra Credit Assignment - Website Evaluation