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    The dedicated members of the Focus on Families team have locations at Abate, Cataract, and Niagara Street Elementary schools. They help families by educating them on parenting skills and referring them to other agencies, as appropriate, to assist with basic needs. 

      Focus on Families is in its 16th year of operation.  There is a network of resource centers across New York State. 

    Some of the services Focus on Families provides are:


         Child-parent activities

         Learning and social opportunities for children, parents and caregivers

         Parenting education in supportive peer groups or home visits

         Information and linkage to services in the community

         Programs promoting family health

         Opportunities for parent leadership and advocacy

                 Supervised visitation


    The main telephone number for Focus on Families is 286-0745. Focus on Families Resource Centers are located at: Abate Elementary School, Niagara Street Elementary School, Cataract Elementary School, the Community Education Center.