Welcome to the Niagara Falls School District Health Services.

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Health Services, in partnership with all District staff, is committed to assuring that your children have a safe and healthy school environment.  We encourage you to contact your school's health office to answer your questions or discuss your concerns.
District Health Service Staff
District Nurse Practitioner
Niagara Falls High School, Room 110

- Jo A. Silvaroli, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner (286-0787)

 District Wide Nurses

           Christine Dobrasz, RN   Full Time

           Rosemary Dawdy RN    Part Time


Secondary Schools                                                                                                           

Niagara Falls High School ------- 286-7909/278-5809                                           

           Laura Lasher RN            

           Monica Petrishin RN        


Gaskill Preparatory School ------ 278-5286

           Julia Sturdivant RN           


LaSalle Preparatory School ----- 278-5890

           Karen House RN 



Elementary Schools

Cataract ------------------------------ 278-9127

           Michelle Barrons, RN    

Hyde Park --------------------------- 278-7986

           Karen Krug, RN  

H.F. Abate --------------------------- 278-7964

           Denise Johnson, RN     

H.J. Kalfas Magnet ---------------- 278-9183

            Linda Venuto, RN     

Niagara Street ---------------------- 278-5863

            Andrea Greig, RN

Maple Ave --------------------------- 278-9124

            Amanda Dobrasz, RN   

G.J. Mann ---------------------------- 278-7942

            Margaret Campana, RN     

79th Street --------------------------- 278-7907

            Annette Snyder, RN         


Non-Public Schools

Niagara Catholic/St. Dominic's Health Office ----- 215-1467 ext 107

             Barbara Gonzalez RN   

Catholic Academy of Niagara ------------------------- 283-1455 ext 203 
             Barbara Gonzalea RN