Cataract Elementary
Cataract Elementary School

Facts about Cataract

Cataract Elementary School, named after the Niagara Falls, our city's own cataract or large waterfall, was established in September 2007. As part of the Niagara Falls City School Districts' Facing the Future initiative, students from the former 60th and 66th Street schools merged into this newer building. Complete with a full service cafeteria, pool, and air conditioning, its one floor design provides a perfect learning environment for students.

Cataract Elementary serves students in grades Pre K – 6. It houses approximately 515 students, 47 teachers, 25 support staff members, and 2 administrators. Cataract Elementary draws a very diverse student population from all socio-economic areas of Niagara Falls.

Cataract Elementary offers a wide range of programming for its learning community that include:

Morning and After School Latch Key

Morning News Team

Safety Patrol



Focus on Families

School Quality Council

P.E.G. - Parent Education Group