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Upcoming Events:



Football and all other varsity and JV sports start August 14, 2017

Modified football begins August 17, 2017

All other modified sports start August 21, 2017



Football-Varsity, JV , Modified

Cheerleading-Varsity and JV

Cross Country-Varsity and JV

Golf-Varsity and JV

Boys & Girls Soccer-Varsity, JV, Modified

Girls Swim-Varsity, JV, Modified

Girls Tennis-Varsity and JV

Boys & Girls Volleyball-Varsity and JV


All students should have a sports physical/interval health history in place before tryouts.  Students at Niagara Falls High School, Gaskill Prep, LaSalle Prep and grade 6 in all of the elementary schools will be receiving an "Interscholastic Falls Sports & Working Papers" packet with all of the general information needed to schedule a sports physical. 

Sports physicals for students attending District Schools must be completed by the District Nurse Practitioner and are done by appointment only.  Please call 286-0788 after July 5, 2017, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM to schedule a sports physical.



For all outdoor athletic events, our guests should enter the Athletic Complex from the Pine Avenue entrance. 

Google: 3980 Pine Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14301  for map directions.
A reminder that Prep School students must be accompanied by an adult, and that adult must remain with that student, in order to attend sporting events at Niagara Falls High School.