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Lead safe school


Hyde Park Elementary School, which was inspected for the presence of lead, was determined to be “lead safe” by the County Health Department, who felt the school personnel were thorough and responsive. Public Health Sanitarian Tony J. Zaccarella told Principal Sheila Smith that “all test results were negative” after some areas were remediated, specifically three doors and a few areas on door jambs and radiators.

The Niagara County Health Department inspected the school after a child with a pre-existing lead poisoning condition tested at above normal levels of lead; the child had tested positive for lead before becoming astudent at Hyde Park School and was therefore under ongoing monitoring with a physician.

The school District notified parents by telephone messaging and encouraged families to consider having children tested.

The District has worked closely with Niagara County Health and has been cleared to re-open Monday as scheduled, at the conclusion of spring break.