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Share Your Heart and Home with an Exchange Student!

Share Your Heart and Home with an Exchange Student!


Jane Ciancio-Green of Grand Island , NY is interviewing families in the area interested in hosting an international high school student during the 2016-17 academic school year! Jane is a Community Coordinator for PAX - Program of Academic Exchange, a non-profit educational organization who brings high school age exchange students from around the world to Niagara Falls High School.


PAX welcomes host families of all kinds who would like to share their heart, home and culture with a young person from Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany, China or any one of our international students. All PAX students are between the ages of 15 and 18, speak English, have full insurance coverage and come with their own spending money- PAX students arrive in August.


Host families come in all shapes and sizes- Young couples, single parents and retirees are all welcome to apply as hosts. Host families provide students with a bed, a quiet place to study (separate bedroom not required), meals, and a warm, supportive environment - Private rooms are not required. Families can expect students to help with household chores and participate in family activities. This is a wonderful chance to make a lifelong friend and help a young person learn more about America. Promote peace and understanding for the world’s future leaders, both American and foreign. Please see below for examples of some of the wonderful students PAX hopes to bring to Niagara Falls High School.


For more information contact Jane at 716-510-4798 or or call Jennifer at the PAX national office in New York at 1-800-555-6211. You may also visit us on the web at

Jenn Kipperman

Regional Director

PAX- Program of Academic Exchange

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