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District launches Peachjar


The District has launched Peachjar-- a virtual repository for flyers from the schools or community. (Please see our flyer policy here .)

You will also be able to see flyers from a school by navigating to the school's web page and clicking the Peachjar icon.

If the District does not have your email:

Register for an account on Peachjar to start receiving digital flyers.

If the District does have your email:

Peachjar and the district have teamed up to create an account for you, so no action is required on your part unless your school has informed you otherwise. You will receive an email from Peachjar with your username and password when your school begins using Peachjar. If your school has already started using Peachjar, you can reset your password as described under 'Why can't I log in? You can also try searching '' in your email account to locate the email and sign in to your account.

Peachjar is free for schools, PEGs, etc. to use and it is free for parents to see flyers.

 For a fee will be assessed by Peachjar.