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Graduation Memory Book

Each year, teachers and staff, supported by parents and community volunteers, host the Post Prom Party at Niagara Falls High School. The basic idea is that, in the hours after the Senior prom, Seniors and their dates return to NFHS and remain there until several hours later.

The bounce houses, mechanical bulls, free food and drink, magicians, fortune tellers, basketball court, Velcro walls, and all the other activities which have been offered for entertainment in the past have proved very popular with Seniors and have kept them off roads and away from unwholesome activities.

Many communities have suffered tragic losses of teens around prom and graduation time, as excitement has given way to poor decision making. Drunk or reckless driving has cost lifelong heart-ache. In other cases, inappropriate intimacy has resulted in curtailed opportunities, and life-changing ramifications. The Post Prom Party aims to avoid all those things, and to provide a popular, safe alternative, so teens can have fun and parents can enjoy prom night worry-free.
Although it is a noble goal, State Education Law prohibits the use of tax dollars to fund such an undertaking. That is why the community is key to successfully hosting the Post Prom Party, which typically costs around $25,000.
The prom and post prom party take place June 16, 2017.
Here are three ways you can help:
Do you own a business? Donations of cash are appreciated! So are donations of items that can be used for door prizes (gift certificates, items for dorm rooms, technological merchandise, car washes, and the like). Also needed are donations of food to be served that evening: pizza, subs, fruit, smoothies, snacks, coffee -- nothing goes to waste at Post Prom. These are teens; they are capable of consuming copious amounts quite effortlessly.
Are you an individual? Monetary donations are greatly appreciated; make checks out to NFHS Student Council and mail them to Richard Slaiman, c/o NFHS, 4455 Porter Road, 14305. Also needed are volunteers to work the event (yes, 11:30 p.m. or so until the wee hours of the morning). Volunteers help serve food, provide supervision, and keep the atmosphere fun.
Are you a parent or teacher? Each year, the District publishes a commemorative graduation book, which is distributed on graduation day, June 24. It contains ads from proud parents and teachers congratulating specific graduates. Prices range from $25 to $100 per ad in the 8.5 x 11 book. Typical ads contain text or text and photographs. Often, an image of the graduate is presented with a baby picture of the young man or woman. Sometimes people have written poems. Frequently college, work, or plans to join the military are included in the ads.

Ads can be submitted ready to print, or our Public Relations Director can design the ad for you at no additional cost. Again, checks would be made out to NFHS Student Council, c/o Judie Glaser, NFCSD, 630 66th Street, 14304.
Here are the price points:
Full page: $100
Half page:  $75
Quarter page: $50
Eighth page: $25
The deadline for ads is May 17.