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Summer School

Here's a link to the the Summer School webpage

General Information/Timeline

Summer School Offices Open 7/3/2017
Driver Education Begins 7/5/2017
All Registration Ends 6/29/2017
Students Schedules Mailed 7/6/2017
Registration Posted on the Web for Participating Districts 6/1/2017
Faculty Meetings 7/11/2017
School Begins 7/12/2017
Mid-term Ends 7/27/2017
Mid-term Report Cards Mailed 7/31/2017
Driver Education Ends 8/17/2017
Summer School Classes End 8/15/2017
Summer Regents Day #1 8/16/2017
Summer Regents Day #2 8/17/2017
Middle School Report Cards Mailed 8/18/2017
Summer School Office Close 8/22/2017
High School Report Cards Mailed