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Maple Avenue Elementary School

952 Maple Avenue                                           

Niagara Falls, New York  14305



Maple Avenue School & Home Compact


            At Maple Avenue Elementary School, we believe that a joint commitment between school and home is an essential element for student success.  The school and parents work cooperatively to provide for the successful education of the children.  Our school mission is to have all students meet or exceed New York State standards in English Language Arts, math, science and social studies by the end of 5th grade and be ready to succeed in middle school.  To that end,



  • to set high standards that provide quality curriculum and instruction, including Character Education.
  • to provide a safe and orderly environment.
  • to provide frequent reports to parent on their children’s progress and reasonable access to staff.
  • to provide opportunities in which parents can volunteer and participate in their children’s education through involvement in the Parent Education Group (PEG), the School Quality Council (SQC), and the America’s Choice program.


Principal: ___________________________________




  • to monitor attendance, tardiness, homework and sleep time.
  • to support the District’s Code of Conduct concerning rules of behavior and appropriate dress.
  • to encourage his/her child to read by having books available and reading to him/her.
  • to attend parent/teacher conferences and to connect regularly with the classroom teacher.
  • to read and respond to school correspondence.
  • to check the school calendar for early dismissal times.




  • to accept responsibility for their own learning and behavior.
  • to act with respect and consideration for themselves and others.
  • to listen to adults and treat them with respect.
  • to have respect for school materials and facilities.




            After reading the Maple Avenue School & Home Compact, please sign and return this section to your child’s teacher the first week of school.  Keep the top section for reference.  Thank you.


I have read the Maple Avenue School & Home Compact and agree to fulfill my responsibilities as a parent/guardian.  I also know what is expected of my child and have discussed his/her responsibilities with him/her.


Parent/Guardian signature: ____________________________________ 

Date: ______________


I understand what is expected of me at Maple Avenue School in order to be a successful student.


Student signature: _____________________________________