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    Following protocols developed in a  research-based school reform program, our instruction is based on the National Performance Standards, the Common Core State Standards and the New York State Learning Standards.  Language Arts Instruction is set up to incorporate one hour of Reader’s Workshop and one hour of Writer’s Workshop every day. 
    Workshops begin with a short, standards-based mini-lesson that is followed by a work period incorporating a variety of independent and small group activities.  Each workshop concludes with a lesson that supports the skill or strategy taught in the opening lesson.  Student work is evaluated according to prescribed standards using rubrics.  Rubrics let the students know what they need to do to improve academic performance.  After a great deal of exposure to rubrics, and encouragement from the teacher, students begin to self-assess their own progress as readers and writers.

    One critical component of our design is Professional Development.  Teachers at Hyde Park are involved in on-going Professional Development that give teachers the knowledge and information necessary to provide quality instruction to the students of Hyde Park Elementary School.