Washington D.C. Trip Information

  • Washington D.C. Trip Information

    Trip Dates:                             Wednesday, May 9th – Friday, May 11th, 2018

    Total Cost:                             $350 per student

    Payment Schedule:              1st Payment (Deposit) will be accepted starting September 18th - $100

                                                    2nd Payment due by January 12th - $125

                                                    Final Payment due by March 9th - $125


    Ø  We will be taking 2 buses, which fits 96 students. Spots are filled on a FIRST COMEFIRST SERVE BASIS. To lock in your spot, you must bring in your first payment of $100.

    Ø  If we have more than 96 students, your child will be put on the waiting list. If one of the 96 students drop out of the trip, your child will move up the list. If they do not make it off the waiting list, all money turned in will be refunded.

    Ø  You can make early payments anytime, and you can pay in full at any time.

    Ø  ALL payments MUST be brought to Mr. Speidel in Room 222 during HB/ASP.

    Ø  We will provide fundraising opportunities to assist students with the cost of the trip. This is optional, not mandatory. Your child will receive information regarding fundraising when they turn in their deposit.

    School Recommended Payment Options:

    1.      Cash (In an envelope that is labeled and you will receive a receipt).

    2.      Money Order (made out to Lasalle Preparatory School).

    3.      Personal Check (made out to Lasalle Preparatory School).

    WARNING: If your check is returned, the bank fee will be added to the cost of your child’s trip.


    Cost includes:                       

    Hotel, Transportation, Food & Drink, Snacks, Admission Tickets, 2 T-Shirts, Hoody (Depending on Final

    Pricing), Draw String Bag (Carry On), etc.



    To be eligible for the trip, students must be in 8th grade and MUST be in “GOOD STANDING” with the

    school. Students MAY be pulled from the trip for failure to comply with the following:

    ·        Academics- Cannot be failing more than two core classes for the year by the end of the 30 week marking period (Math, Science, Social, ELA, Spanish). Students failing more than two subjects at the end of the 20 week marking period will be requested to attend an after-school assistance program to assist in meeting eligibility for the trip.

    ·        Attendance- Must maintain an 85% attendance rate (extenuating circumstances will be considered with appropriate documentation).

    ·        Discipline- No chronic or severe discipline issues.