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Ideas for the Classroom
Teachers need to continually add to their professional skills. In our quickly changing world, the needs students  have are also changing and it is our challenge to provide for these needs. This is why we need to keep learning as teachers.
We can add to our professional development in any number of different ways, both formal and informal. This Flipboard is an informal approach.  Each week, there are many articles on the Internet dealing with any number of different topics of interest to teachers.
We have collected some of them here and will continue to add to them. (If you find any of interest, please let us know.)
These articles generally deal with topics other than the technology oriented ones you will find on the Webinars and other pages here. They deal with all aspects of teaching. Go to the Flipboard and pick out a few that interest you.
Here's another suggestion: If you go to a site to read an article and find it interesting and useful, why not "subscribe" to the site for the weekly emails they send regarding other interesting topics? It's a great way to build your Personal Professional Development. 
One more thought: Why not check out the "Cover Article,"
 "15 Professional Development Skills for the Modern Teacher" as an introduction.
It's an easy, interesting read. 
Professional Development  
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