IBM Notes

    How to Delete and Recover E-Mail

    Using IBM Notes


    Have you checked how full you email account is lately? The beginning of a school year is a great time to spend a few minutes to organize your e-mail. This will make it easier for you to find current email and also will help our server, which is getting filled up rather quickly.


    Before we begin, here are several key ideas to consider when using our school e-mail:


    1. IBM Notes is for school business only. It is not meant for personal correspondence, or any personal business.

    2. You may not send any "ad" type materials in the school e-mail. This will result in a loss of privileges for a certain time period.

    3. If you wish to send a message or announcement to the entire district, it should be sent to Darlene Sprague with a request for her to send it to the entire district.

    4. E-mail attachments take up space on the server, especially if you are sending the email to more than one person. Pictures are especially large. Please check the size of attachments before sending. Is there another way to distribute the attachment? You might consider My Big Campus or Dropbox.

    5. You should delete emails regularly. Don't forget to check the "sent" folder also. Delete these files too.

    **6. Any deleted file is not actually permanently deleted. It can be recovered if you need it using Mail Meter. So don't be afraid to delete emails.


    How to Delete E-Mail From Your School Account


    Deleting emails from your account is relatively simple. Just follow these steps.



    Email In your email account, you can see how much space you have used.
    Try to keep the usage as low as possible.


    Delete emails



    Select the emails you wish to delete.

    Remember to use CTRL C or CTRL S to select more than one at a time.

     Then click the trash can at the top to send the emails to your Trash.

    Delete emails

    Don't forget to delete the email from your "Sent Folder." It could take up a lot of space.



    Now, click on the Trash Folder.
    You will see all the emails you have deleted.
    If you have accidentally deleted an email you want to save, right click on it and select the "RESTORE" command.
    Then select "EMPTY TRASH" at the  top of the page.

    The emails will disappear and are no longer in your mail box.

     delete email

    It might take a while, but soon you will have more space available in your mail box. And the server will be happy.

    In order to recover a deleted email, you can use the Mail Meter. You can access it from the Mail Meter icon on the sign in page.
    You can get directions for its use at this site.