How Do I Create a Blog

on My Website?




Before you begin!

Very important note! Please do not create any blog pages on your NYLearns  webpage. The NYLearns blogs are not moderated. This means that anyone cast post anything on your blog and it will be immediately available on your site. This could lead to many problems. You must have control over what appears on your blogs. The blog must be moderated. You can create a moderated blog using the steps below. It is incredibly simple.
Important note #2. When students post to your blogs, they like their names to appear so they can tell others they are on the web. This is fine and will bring more people to your blog. However, Niagara Falls City School District policies state that you must not post any last names. You can print the first name or the first name and the last letter. It is also important to have parents sign the permission slips which you can find on your school's homepage. You can find the Parent Permission Form here also:
Creating a Blog on Your Webpage
If you are ready to create a blog, please download and follow the manual linked here. If you have any problems, please contact Gene at 
or Roger at We will be glad to get you up and going.