•    The District values parent involvement and feedback. Each school has a parent group and parents serve on Site Quality Councils, the Executive Quality Council, and the District Parent Committee. 

        The benefit of parent involvement with children is incalculable and irreplaceable!  Even occasional help shows a child that school matters. Just staying in touch with the school makes a big difference. Contact teachers, keep contact information up to date, and ask your child about school each day.
       Parent members are also part of the Committee on Special Education (CSE)/Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). The parent member serves as an equal member of the Committee and has input into each recommendation of the Committee.  A parent member should familiarize herself or himself with the regulations as they pertain to the CSE and/or CPSE.  The parent member must remember that each child’s case is confidential and may not be discussed outside the committee meeting.
       The parent member represents the point of view of a parent on the Committee and should make sure that the parent understands what is being discussed and is comfortable.  He or she should ask questions that clarify the evaluations and recommendations of the Committee.  A parent member may describe basic terminology related to the CSE/CPSE process.
       The CSE meets any day of the week, usually in the schools, and most meetings are approximately 30 minutes long.  At times, more than one meeting may be scheduled.  Meetings do not last an entire day.  In general, the CPSE meets one day a week either in the morning or afternoon. To learn details, call 286-4287.
       Each year in May, the annual Parents & Partners Dinner Celebration is held to recognize all the parents and community members who volunteer is in our schools.
    Community interest in schools is community interest in youth; it tells young people that they are important and valued. It also sets an example for them of community service. To become involved, contact your local school.